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The Neurological Institute of Brain, Body, and Being (NIb3) is a Toronto based rehabilitation institute that specializes in non-invasive, drug-free therapies. Our goal is to address the origin and cause of your complaints as opposed to simply treating symptoms. Every brain is unique and we conduct thorough neurological assessments that involve Quantitative EEG (qEEG) brain mapping, VNG (eye movement quantifications), psychophysiological profiling, a full neurological examination, and an extensive intake to build individualized treatment plans. We specialize in neurofeedback therapy, biofeedback therapy, diet recommendations to support an optimized neurological health, chiropractic treatment, and vestibular rehabilitation techniques. The neurofeedback therapy we offer at NIb3 in Toronto is very specific and focuses on 1, 2, 4, and 19 channels EEG with the goal of normalizing your brain’s activity. Our biofeedback therapy in Toronto involves EMG (muscle relaxation) exercises, heart rate variability (HRV) training, and stabilization of your body’s biophysiology. We take a wholistic approach to neurological rehabilitation and helping optimize your brain, body, and being.

We address the origin and cause of your complaints rather than the symptoms – and we are really good at what we do.

We use high-tech diagnostic procedures and our interventions are unique and specific. While other clinics use general treatment protocols, we understand that in neurology there is no ‘one-for-all’ type of treatment. We use very accurate and thorough diagnostics, and according to findings we build a personalized treatment/training plan, customized for the individual’s brain state and health complaints.

Our unique NIb3Assessment quantifies your brain activity, neurological functions and psycho-physiological processes. We normalizing and stabilizing these objective measurements – attending your subjective clinical presentation from a functional and neurophysiological approach.

Here in NIb3, we aim to maximize your brain and body potential to heal and optimize its performance, resulting with a better life – Better you

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I was initially reluctant to try biofeedback. After trying a few rounds of traditional therapy with very little improvement I was referred to Shai. My situation was somewhat experimental and uncharted water for both Shai and myself. I was impressed by the amount of time Shai invested learning about my condition and developing a targeted treatment plan. His concern and eagerness to find a solution were genuine and obvious.

39-year-old male. Richmond Hill, Ontario

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