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The FREE consultation includes a one-on-one doctor review of your complaints and analysis of your condition, in order to confirm that you are suitable candidate for our program.
In addition, we are now offering for a limited time a miniEEG Assessment, this will involve a sophisticate recording and analysis of your brainwaves, calculation of amplitudes, ratios, asymmetries and coherency, and discussion of the findings with you.
The FREE consultation with the doctor will take around 40 minutes.
Not really, you will be asked to take off your earrings and any accessories on your hair during the miniEEG recording. In addition, we will ask you to wash your hair and scalp (without conditioner) in order to get an accurate reading of your brainwaves.
We are using objective Neurophysiolgical measures of your current state, in the initial FREE consultation we focus on you and our findings. Unless you have your health records and history handy with you, we do not request any for the initial consultation.
No, we are saving you from the paperwork in this stage.
Absolutely not, all of our assessment and treatment procedures are non-invasive and painless.
Yes, please wash your hair and scalp and use no conditioner.
No, no side effects are involved, as the procedure is benign and non-invasive. The sensors are only reading what your physiology (brain) is naturally producing.
After starting your personalized training program, you will start to notice a change very quickly. Most of our clients experience an improvement after the 3rd or 4th session, many of them noticed a positive change after the 1st session.

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