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Sorri SilverSorri Silver
15:56 11 Jul 22
I came to NIB3 just under two years ago after suffering from the umbrella term (fibromyalgia) for roughly 15 years, I had suffered from extensive full body chronic pain , anxiety and depression issues that had basically grinded my life to a halt. After discovering NIB3 and the amazing team that is there they came to a conclusion that my suffering was neurological in nature and by working together with them I now live pain free, depression free and almost completely anxiety free, they even treated my sleep issues! If you're dealing with anything along those lines or any of the other wide range of conditions they treat I STRONGLY advise you check them out. Its non-invasive, there is no danger to their treatment and they are knowledgable, professional and I myself have already recommended others to them and they as well have seen fantastic results, It's absolutely worth it.I thought I would suffer the rest of my life and instead they gave me my life back.
Tara McLenaghenTara McLenaghen
00:49 06 Jul 22
My thanks to Dr. Shai, Dina and Kalee for their help with my jaw clenching and related headaches. Neurofeedback was successful in eliminating these problems and there were bonus benefits in other areas. I have already recommended Nib3 to a number of friends. I would happily do the same for anyone suffering from issues to do with the brain that don’t seem resolvable with conventional medical care.I approached Neurofeedback with healthy skepticism, but there are no real conventional solutions for jaw clenching, and after seeing a positive mention by the Mayo clinic I decided to try it. Dr. Shai and the team are careful about what they promise – it is difficult to predict with certainty the level of relief to be had and the amount of sessions it will take. In my case, it took longer and therefore cost more than estimated. That said, I did experience complete relief of my symptoms plus unexpected and much appreciated benefits in my sleep quality, ability to focus, and digestion.After several months of treatment, and achieving full relief of my symptoms, I elected to stop treatment for the summer. This was with the team’s support, in spite of them advising me that the feedback data suggested I had not quite achieved the level of improvement required to sustain the positive changes. I am now noticing slippage in terms of sleep quality and focus, and very occasional headaches. I plan to go back to treatment in the fall with the objective of sticking with it until we achieve our targets.Again, my thanks to the team at Nib3. Neurofeedback has been an effective, non-invasive solution for me, and deserves more serious attention as a treatment tool.
Jaclyn DJaclyn D
23:19 02 May 22
From Victor: "The neurofeedback therapy provided to me by NIb3 has been very effective in treating many of my health problems. I am a senior, and after completing this treatment program, I feel I have more energy as though I'm 10-15 years younger, while also being more relaxed. Also, I now have more positive thinking and restful sleep patterns. My journey with NIb3 has been an incredible subconscious mind-changing experience. I highly recommend this clinic, with very friendly, professional and skillful staff. I'm confident the results will be long-lasting, and well worth the money."
Ela MezhiborskyEla Mezhiborsky
21:04 27 Mar 22
I can't recommend this clinic enough and can't even begin to thank the amazing NIB3 staff for their care and dedication. After dealing with very unexpected grief and PTSD, I decided to give this a chance. I didn't realize that dealing with depression, insomnia and difficulty to focus and find motivation was something that could be treated and trained to improve my quality of life. I can confidently say that I started feeling the effects in my overall energy levels and motivation within the first 3-4 sessions, and I look forward to continue with the treatments and their guidance for ongoing progress. Thank you for everything!!
Justin ChowJustin Chow
13:37 06 Sep 21
I went through 4 cycles of chemotherapy and 2 surgeries and came out with a condition that was steadily worsening over time. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and for me this meant the muscles in the right side of my body tightening to the point where I couldn't sit without neck pain. I managed it with medication and physiotherapy but I couldn't train as an advanced athlete anymore.The team at NIB3 was able to recognize irregularities in my brain and correctly predict the symptoms I was experiencing before I actually told them. This was the ONLY PLACE I'd been to that was able to identify a root cause for what I was experiencing and treat it rather than managing symptoms.Today, I'm more than halfway through treatment and being completely symptom free without medication is within reach!***UPDATE: 3 or so weeks or treatment left and I'm feeling great without medication. Huge improvement over not being able to sit without extreme discomfort 2 year ago!!

Cutting edge, effective, science-based strategies that have helped me more in 6 months than over 10 years of numerous specialists and other alternative medicine was able to. The Nib3 team is knowledgeable, friendly, understanding and invested in each patient. I have many chronic conditions which were ‘impossible’ to treat. I’m much improved now – when I saw my GP she said “I never thought I’d see you look so well”. My quality of life has vastly improved. Although I may never be 100%, I’m way better and enjoying life way more than I had thought possible!

62 year old female. Toronto, ON

NIB has changed me in many positive ways. Everyone there is very friendly and caring. Thank you NIB for everything.

32 year old male. Toronto, ON

I’ve been very impressed with my experience at NIB3. The clinics neurotherapy technology and equipment is cutting edge. Dr. Shai and the team have gone above and beyond in terms of their time and efforts to assist me with a complex pain related issue. They are outside the box thinkers and committed to making a difference. Thank you NIB3!

37 year old female. Toronto, Ontario

As a health care professional, I appreciate the professionalism and kindness of NIb3 staff. While I am still a newbie at bio- and neurofeedback, I’m learning and feel optimistic about future training. They are very up-to-date on the latest equipment to help adults and children experiencing all types of challenges or who want to improve their performance.

72 year old female. Toronto, Ontario

I have been coming to NIb3 for quite some time. I am being treated for fibromyalgia. My treatments include massage therapy, chiropractic treatment and bio feedback. These combinations of treatments have helped me to manage my pain. Dr. Shai Aharonov and all the staff are amazing and offer me fantastic support and care. I recommend NIb3 to anyone suffering from chronic pain.

59 year old female. Toronto, Ontario

Hmm …Where to start … I was first introduced to the idea of neurofeedback back in late 2017. I was listening to a podcast that spoke about ex-football players and the issues they faced later in their careers. After years of playing the game and sustaining concussion after concussion most had severe brain injuries and were usually diagnosed with CTE after death. From here my research led me down the rabbit hole which included the 2015 film “Concussion”, several articles and videos by Daniel Amen and a host of other scholarly articles.

I was intrigued by my large amount of research into the subject and opted to take advantage of the free initial consultation offered by NIB3. I was very impressed by the immense amount of information Dr. Shai and his team were able to provide to me after such a brief series of tests. It almost seemed like they knew more about how my brain and body interacted together then I did … almost.

I decided to take part in the “Express Program” and have been amazed by the plethora of positive results. I have seen dramatic improvement across several aspects of my life as have others who have taken advantage of the services offered my NIB3. People take time to monitor how many calories they consume, how often they exercise, what time their favorite series is on television and what is on sale at their local grocery store. How often do people consider maintenance and upkeep of the most complex organ in their entire body which is responsible for every thought and action they will ever have?

Be prepared to reduce your stress levels through regular mindfulness sessions. Be prepared to wake up feeling rested and recovered after a night of solid REM sleep. Be prepared for clearer thinking and better decision making throughout your daily routine. Be prepared to have less aches and pains throughout your body. Be prepared for a strange inclination that you did not know your brain and body could perform so efficiently together and overall you could feel this good!

Dr. Shai and his team are very committed to their patients and have a great passion for helping people. They will tailor a unique recovery program based on your specific needs and provide continual updates as you progress. I have recommended their services to all of my close friends and family and fully support and endorse their clinic. I highly recommend their “free initial consultation” to get a grasp of what their clinic has to offer.

Thank you NIB3 for changing my life!

29 year old male. Toronto, Ontario

I’ll begin this review/personal account by stating that NiB3 has changed my life profoundly. This is not an overstatement. I began going to NiB3 in October 2018 and what has transpired since has been incredible. I’ll share some specific details of my health to convey the reality of the situation.

Several aspects of my neurological health were very compromised and deteriorating quickly. For over a decade I had a chronic headache and regular migraines. These ailments were medicated, trying multiple drugs. My sleep was also terrible for over a decade, but the last few years were VERY bad. I would average 2-3 hours of sleep per night and I always woke up in a panic. Depression and anxiety were severe and took over my emotions. I was medicated for these problems, which ended up making matters worse.

A life of contact sport left me with many injuries. Most notably were the 20+ concussions, severe cervical spinal trauma and lumbar trauma. I met several neurologists – two of whom strongly suggested cutting and cauterizing the nerves in my neck EVERY 8-12 months. They also identified white matter in my brain and abnormality/lesion, in my PONS. High levels of medication were prescribed for nerve pain. I also developed high blood pressure somewhere in my adolescence.

I had little hope, but somehow found NiB3 and all I can say is that changed my life and may have saved me and my family. If this sounds dramatic, I assure you it isn’t.

Treatment has ELIMINATED my chronic headache. The pulling behind my eyes and throbbing temples are gone and I can handle sunlight again! If I get a headache, it is minor and infrequent. I no longer take or try medications. I can’t explain what this has done for me.

I sleep 8 hours per night! This is completely changing how I live my life right now. I take ¼ of the medication (imovane) for sleep that I was taking and working towards complete elimination.

My anxiety and depression are under control with NO medication (Sertaline or benzo’s). The constant worry and negative thoughts aren’t always running in the background. Sure I can get moments, but I am more aware and use mindfulness to get out of it.

I no longer take Pregabalin for pain and with treatment and home exercises, my pain has become more manageable.

I also no longer take Coversyl or Amlodipine for high blood pressure. It is regulated and stable!

To be sure, this treatment has altered the course of my life.

Dr. Shai is awesome. He is very smart, professional and really understands the mind and body. Everyone wonders about a doctors true intentions. But after everything I have no questions about Dr. Shai’s empathy and genuine care about patient health. He listen’s and has real answers to questions. If you have had a good doctor in the past, this is one of them – there is an energy about him when he’s working with you. The level of attention and concern is legitimate and caring. I am very pleased to be able to share this feedback.

This integrity and compassion extends to his entire staff. Their attention to detail is something that I particularly noticed. During sessions, every little thing about how you are feeling throughout the session is monitored, documented and plays into treatment. The whole team is great to work with and all really get along. I’m a huge fan of their chiropractic approach as well.

My life is totally different and so is the life of my family. I am still continuing treatment and my memory and decision making are continuing to get better. I am working to correct my spine, practicing mindfulness and eating very well. This has and continues to be a holistic change for me.

Six months ago I dreaded waking up and now I look forward to the future. I hope this information sheds some light on what is possible. I recommend NiB3 to everyone I know and introduce them whenever a topic of health arises. I strongly urge anyone searching for help with their health to reach out to NiB3.

Thank you NiB3, again.”

39 year old male. Oakville, Ontario

I initially went for a consultation with Dr. Shai due to a reoccurring problem with vertigo. It was impacting my work and personal life 1-2 times a month and I was bed ridden for days because of it. A friend had told me about Shai and I was willing to try anything to help better my condition; although being in the medical system for 3 years with no help, I was very sceptical. I found Shai to be very invested in helping me and gave me realistic expectations from the beginning. I noticed a difference in the first few weeks of treatment and by the end of the treatments, I can honestly say that the improvement in my condition is between 80 and 90%. I haven’t had a vertigo episode in months and have no residual dizziness. Seeing medical doctors and specialists gave me no results at all. As a bonus, the treatments have helped other issues in my life as well. I am so glad to have met Shai and have recommended him to many other people due to my faith in his program and caring nature. Thank you for improving my life!

37-year-old female. Burlington, Ontario

When I first came to Dr Shai I had a lot of facial pain and neck pain. Along with that I had a ringing sound in my head which was creating anxiety within me.
After a couple of months my facial pain and neck pain has pretty much disappeared, which was a great thing considering many doctors and therapist could not resolve the issue. The ringing in my ears is significantly better and the way I think about things is more positive.
I tell a lot of my friends and family about him and for them to tell others because I can see how it could help many other people with different issues.

42 year-old male. Milton, Ontario

I was initially reluctant to try biofeedback. After trying a few rounds of traditional therapy with very little improvement I was referred to Shai. My situation was somewhat experimental and uncharted water for both Shai and myself. I was impressed by the amount of time Shai invested learning about my condition and developing a targeted treatment plan. His concern and eagerness to find a solution were genuine and obvious. Shai was very caring in his approach and his honesty was refreshing. Our treatment plan is still underway and we are seeing things move in a positive direction. Outside of the main issue itself, I was amazed to see that other attributes related to my general cognition improved (Shai mentioned that this would likely happen). I look forward to continuing with Shai and NIB3 and am happy to refer more people in his direction.

39-year-old male. Richmond Hill, Ontario

I was very impressed by the treatment I have received in NIB3. Especially I benefited in the change of how my decision making process improved, it is faster, clear and seams effortless. It really helped in my job performance and improved my overall tendency to be exhausted at the end of working day. There was also an improvement on my neck and back pain symptoms – they are actually gone!

In general I feel great and energized. I am still practicing the breathing exercises, which helps me in coping with stress in a very busy work environment.

Thank you so much NIB3 for the big change and improvement in my life style and my happier outlook!

62-year-old female. Mississauga, Ontario

Working with Dr. Shai has been very rewarding. I came to the clinic on a handful of medications for anxiety and sleep. My goal was to control my symptoms without being dependent on my meds. I am now tapering off my medications without the usual withdrawal effects that I have had when trying to get off my medications in the past.
Training sessions were enjoyable and informative, Dr. Shai is a very talented clinician and I wish more people knew about this non-invasive therapy.

57-year-old male. Toronto, Ontario

I suffered from a drop foot syndrome and a neurological imbalance after I underwent a micro endoscopy discectomy (MED) – non-invasive surgery on my lower spine. After several months of intense physiotherapy sessions, I felt like the treatment has only helped me strengthen the muscle on my leg and foot.The persistent of neurological imbalance resulting in continuous hand tremor and slow recovery of my ability to walk normally had a tremendous setback in my day-to-day activities. During that time I was required to wear assisted foot orthosis (AFO) inside my shoe to help me walk properly and I was having problems in typing, writing, and/or doing any housework activities due to continuous tremor in my hands.
This lasted until one day my physiotherapist suggested me to see Dr. Shai in his clinic. After the initial consultation with Dr. Shai, I believed that he is the right person who can cure my ailment and fortunately he shared the same belief too.And sure enough only after seeing him in less than two months, I am now able to walk without the AFO and my hand tremor has slowly dissipated. I am still in the recovery mode though and am still receiving treatment from Dr. Shai. I am grateful to Dr. Shai and his magic work on me. He is truly knowledgeable, friendly, hard-working, straight-forward and dedicated his whole life to help others. He won’t force anyone to go along with his treatment if he finds out after the initial assessment he can’t cure you.
To conclude, I highly recommend anyone who has a neurological problem to see Dr. Shai at his Nib3 clinic. You will be amazed at the magic work that he’s done to cure my ailment and I am hoping he can cure you too. Thank you Dr. Shai for the wonderful work you’ve done.

44-year-old male. Etobicoke, Ontario

In May 2014 I had a Cat-Scan and was diagnosed with advanced diffuse cerebral and cerebellar atrophy. I met with two consulting neurologists who both told me that my condition would only worsen – never improve – especially my balance and my walking. After being despondent for months I met a University of Toronto Chiropractic student in December 2014 who was doing graduate work in Neuroscience. She recommended NIB3 for a consult. I went and after only 15 sessions the results have been near miraculous. I can walk almost completely normally (for me) at least 3 days a week, using my cane only occasionally for balance. My attitude with my family is greatly improved and my attitude at work is great. I am so grateful to Dr. Shai Aharonov and all that NIB3 has done for me so far and believe that the future holds significant promise for improvement as I continue with treatments.

60-yer-old male. Collingwood, Ontario

Thanks for your help, my client seems to be doing much better! His gait has dramatically improved, balance is a lot better, and he is not as stressed as before. The tremors seem to be reducing, hopefully his progress continues!!

Client’s physiotherapist, after first session in NIb3

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I was initially reluctant to try biofeedback. After trying a few rounds of traditional therapy with very little improvement I was referred to Shai. My situation was somewhat experimental and uncharted water for both Shai and myself. I was impressed by the amount of time Shai invested learning about my condition and developing a targeted treatment plan. His concern and eagerness to find a solution were genuine and obvious.

39-year-old male. Richmond Hill, Ontario

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