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How we are different?

We developed a ground-breaking program to address this increasingly common disorder.

Our model proposes that the brain is forming a memory-like process in its auditory map sites, in a way that a constant noise from the environment is translated to neural firing patterns and imprinted on specific sites in the Neuro-Auditory system.

In other words, the brain continues to perceive a sound that is no longer there.

This can happen from a concussion, a loud sound, drug abuse, an asymmetrical activity of both sides of the brain (unilateral Tinnitus) or from an emotional trauma combined with chronic stress.

At NIb3, we have integrated a sophisticated approach which involves measuring neuro-physiological activities, reflexogenic responses and auditory perception. We normalize these activities, balancing the neural responses and re-map auditory perception.

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Tinnitus (or ringing in the ears) affects 1 in 5 people. Tinnitus is a perception of constant or intermittent sound with no external source. Most of the people with tinnitus experience a ringing sound, although for others it may be a whistling, buzzing, chirping, roaring, hissing, or humming sound. A growing number of studies are pointing to the nervous system as the origin of Tinnitus.

Although often perceived to be linked to hearing loss, it is actually not. Tinnitus does not cause hearing loss and in some cases can actually become more sensitive to sound and need to take necessary steps to muffle sound.

The severity of the ringing or buzzing can vary depending on your environmental surroundings. You may notice it more in a quiet room and can cause difficulties sleeping.

What causes Tinnitus?

The most common cause of Tinnitus is from pro-longed loud noise exposure. Loud noises cause permanent damage to the sound sensitive cells of the ear and often people who have tinnitus already suffer from hearing loss due to loud noise exposure. Whether it be from working in a loud facility or with loud equipment or from one loud noise exposure, you can suffer from tinnitus.

Other causes may be:

  • Blockages due to ear wax
  • Tumor
  • Medications
  • Meniere’s Disease
  • Injuries to head and neck
  • Jaw problems or TMJ
  • Cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure

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At NIb3, we work with you on an individual level to determine what the cause is and what the best treatment program is for you!

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I was initially reluctant to try biofeedback. After trying a few rounds of traditional therapy with very little improvement I was referred to Shai. My situation was somewhat experimental and uncharted water for both Shai and myself. I was impressed by the amount of time Shai invested learning about my condition and developing a targeted treatment plan. His concern and eagerness to find a solution were genuine and obvious.
John B., Age 48, Toronto
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