Our Approach

Our Philosophy

Let us take care of you…

“Something has to be added to the laws of Physics and Chemistry
 before the Biological phenomena can be completely understood”

W. Heisenberg

We at NIb3 know that the brain and the nervous system are the mediators, regulators and integrators of all body functions and states of mind. The brain has absolute control over each organ and tissue function, and is in charge of coordinating and maintaining every movement, heartbeat, thought, intestinal secretion, hormonal fluctuation and every feeling that we have, using more than 100 billion neurons, and at least 5-7 times more glial cells, found in both sides (hemispheres) of the brain.

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Our Methods

Treating the human being as a whole, maximizes its ability to achieve optimized state quicker, and allowing this state to linger on, and to be easily maintained to perfection. Our highly personalized treatment approach recognizes you and your individualized health goals, and supports your specific needs.

Our interventions are unique and scientifically proven, but our integration strategies are innovative and more important. We integrate our interventions in an appropriate and personalized training program, regarding intensity, frequency, timing and individual’s progress.

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I was initially reluctant to try biofeedback. After trying a few rounds of traditional therapy with very little improvement I was referred to Shai. My situation was somewhat experimental and uncharted water for both Shai and myself. I was impressed by the amount of time Shai invested learning about my condition and developing a targeted treatment plan. His concern and eagerness to find a solution were genuine and obvious.

39-year-old male. Richmond Hill, Ontario

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