How to Treat Tinnitus with Neurofeedback in Toronto

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How to Treat Tinnitus with Neurofeedback in Toronto

Tinnitus Treatment with Neurofeedback

Tinnitus is a condition where there is persistent buzzing or ringing in the ears. If you suffer from it, you may hear clicking, whistling, or hissing sounds. It is commonly caused by excessive or prolonged exposure to loud noise that can permanently damage the ear’s sound-sensitive cells, and it may lead to loss of hearing down the line. People who work with loud equipment and machinery on a daily basis—as well as those who experience one moment of exposure to loud noise—are likely to suffer from the condition. Tinnitus treatment is available in Toronto in the form of neurofeedback, a type of biofeedback method that is non-invasive and retrains your brain activity. Technically, it is biofeedback for your brain.

How does neurofeedback work? In the simplest general terms, it provides information about the brain. After an evaluation or assessment of this data, different methods can be administered to fix a particular area or dysregulation or ‘fine-tune’ the brain.

To understand how neurofeedback works in tinnitus treatment in Toronto, we need to look into how brainwaves work. Brainwaves are the electrical impulses that are produced as brain cells communicate with each other. They can reveal a lot on how you function and feel, your stress levels, thought patterns, overall brain function, and mood.

Specialists monitor and measure your brainwave activity by attaching sensors on your scalp and using brain analysis software to determine the type of activity that is causing ringing in the ears. Once they have identified areas of concern, a comprehensive tinnitus treatment in Toronto is planned and customized to your needs to train your brain to go into an efficient and comfortable state. Neurofeedback training can calm your brain and stabilize your auditory sensitivity and processing. Because neurofeedback essentially trains your brain to stay calm, it can significantly reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.