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  • Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Headaches
  • ADHD Disorder
  • Vestibular Therapy For Vertigo & Dizziness
  • Concussion mild TBI
  • Insomnia Disorder
  • Tinnitus
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Conditions that Require Rehabilitation Treatment

Evidence-based, Drug-free, Non-invasive, Integrative Neurology – balancing you.

What to Expect?

After your FREE initial consultation, if found suitable, we will recommend our unique and thorough Full NIb3 Assessment. Then, we will review with you the findings and recommend one of three structured training options. We will help you choose the right training structure for you and guide you towards a personalized training plan and resolution of your symptoms.

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I initially went for a consultation with Dr. Shai due to a reoccurring problem with vertigo. It was impacting my work and personal life 1-2 times a month and I was bed ridden for days because of it. A friend had told me about Shai and I was willing to try anything to help better my condition; although being in the medical system for 3 years with no help, I was very skeptical. I found Shai to be very invested in helping me and gave me realistic expectations from the beginning.
37-year-old female. Burlington, Ontario

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Sorri SilverSorri Silver
15:56 11 Jul 22
I came to NIB3 just under two years ago after suffering from the umbrella term (fibromyalgia) for roughly 15 years, I had suffered from extensive full body chronic pain , anxiety and depression issues that had basically grinded my life to a halt. After discovering NIB3 and the amazing team that is there they came to a conclusion that my suffering was neurological in nature and by working together with them I now live pain free, depression free and almost completely anxiety free, they even treated my sleep issues! If you're dealing with anything along those lines or any of the other wide range of conditions they treat I STRONGLY advise you check them out. Its non-invasive, there is no danger to their treatment and they are knowledgable, professional and I myself have already recommended others to them and they as well have seen fantastic results, It's absolutely worth it.I thought I would suffer the rest of my life and instead they gave me my life back.
Tara McLenaghenTara McLenaghen
00:49 06 Jul 22
My thanks to Dr. Shai, Dina and Kalee for their help with my jaw clenching and related headaches. Neurofeedback was successful in eliminating these problems and there were bonus benefits in other areas. I have already recommended Nib3 to a number of friends. I would happily do the same for anyone suffering from issues to do with the brain that don’t seem resolvable with conventional medical care.I approached Neurofeedback with healthy skepticism, but there are no real conventional solutions for jaw clenching, and after seeing a positive mention by the Mayo clinic I decided to try it. Dr. Shai and the team are careful about what they promise – it is difficult to predict with certainty the level of relief to be had and the amount of sessions it will take. In my case, it took longer and therefore cost more than estimated. That said, I did experience complete relief of my symptoms plus unexpected and much appreciated benefits in my sleep quality, ability to focus, and digestion.After several months of treatment, and achieving full relief of my symptoms, I elected to stop treatment for the summer. This was with the team’s support, in spite of them advising me that the feedback data suggested I had not quite achieved the level of improvement required to sustain the positive changes. I am now noticing slippage in terms of sleep quality and focus, and very occasional headaches. I plan to go back to treatment in the fall with the objective of sticking with it until we achieve our targets.Again, my thanks to the team at Nib3. Neurofeedback has been an effective, non-invasive solution for me, and deserves more serious attention as a treatment tool.
Jaclyn DJaclyn D
23:19 02 May 22
From Victor: "The neurofeedback therapy provided to me by NIb3 has been very effective in treating many of my health problems. I am a senior, and after completing this treatment program, I feel I have more energy as though I'm 10-15 years younger, while also being more relaxed. Also, I now have more positive thinking and restful sleep patterns. My journey with NIb3 has been an incredible subconscious mind-changing experience. I highly recommend this clinic, with very friendly, professional and skillful staff. I'm confident the results will be long-lasting, and well worth the money."
Ela MezhiborskyEla Mezhiborsky
21:04 27 Mar 22
I can't recommend this clinic enough and can't even begin to thank the amazing NIB3 staff for their care and dedication. After dealing with very unexpected grief and PTSD, I decided to give this a chance. I didn't realize that dealing with depression, insomnia and difficulty to focus and find motivation was something that could be treated and trained to improve my quality of life. I can confidently say that I started feeling the effects in my overall energy levels and motivation within the first 3-4 sessions, and I look forward to continue with the treatments and their guidance for ongoing progress. Thank you for everything!!
Justin ChowJustin Chow
13:37 06 Sep 21
I went through 4 cycles of chemotherapy and 2 surgeries and came out with a condition that was steadily worsening over time. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and for me this meant the muscles in the right side of my body tightening to the point where I couldn't sit without neck pain. I managed it with medication and physiotherapy but I couldn't train as an advanced athlete anymore.The team at NIB3 was able to recognize irregularities in my brain and correctly predict the symptoms I was experiencing before I actually told them. This was the ONLY PLACE I'd been to that was able to identify a root cause for what I was experiencing and treat it rather than managing symptoms.Today, I'm more than halfway through treatment and being completely symptom free without medication is within reach!***UPDATE: 3 or so weeks or treatment left and I'm feeling great without medication. Huge improvement over not being able to sit without extreme discomfort 2 year ago!!

Positive thinking, practicing compassion and mindfulness, meditating, increasing awareness and appreciation – affect well-being and overall health.

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We integrate our interventions in a personalized treatment program, with special attention to intensity, frequency, timing and individual’s own progress

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Cutting Age

Our Neurofeedback training
Watch a movie, play a game or listen to your favorite music, and learn how to change,stabilize and optimize your own brainwaves! Non-invasive, highly safe, PROMISING intervention for ADHD, Learning disabilities, INSOMNIA, CHRONIC PAIN and STROKE rehabilitation.

The Brain Can
Change Itself

Neuroplasticity in action
Our whole paradigm is based on recent findings, showing the dynamic abilities of your plastic brain, to shape itself according to experiences, learning, and functional stimulation.


Our integrative model
Everything we do, all our interventions, are being used somewhere in the world as a stand-alone intervention. We took it all, and combined it innovatively, in a personalized approach, with regards to intensity, frequency timing, and your progress, to achieve maximum improvement!

NIb3 is a leading neurological rehabilitation institute in Toronto. We specialize in non-invasive, drug-free, and evidence-based therapies. We run comprehensive assessments involving qEEG brain mapping, video-nystagamography (VNG) assessments, thorough neurological examinations, and psychophysiological profiling. Our approach to neurological health is wholistic. We offer neurofeedback therapies, vestibular rehabilitation techniques, diet recommendations, neuro-sensory integration training, and biofeedback therapies in Toronto.

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